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An industrial town in north-central Massachusetts along the banks of the Miskatonic River. Founded in 180X, the city is the county seat of Aylesbury County.

Aylesbury only appears in off-hand references in Lovecraft's published work (the people of Aylesbury come out to stare at a vanished village in "Fungi From Yuggoth" and Aylesbury Pike is mentioned in describing Dunwich in The Dunwich Horror (fiction)), with other details supplied by August Derleth through his "post-humous collaborations" with Lovecraft; Lovecraft explains in The Dunwich Horror (fiction) that neighboring Dunwich is located in north central Massachusetts, found by travellers "tak[ing] the wrong fork at the junction of the Aylesbury pike just beyond Dean's Corners... It is always a relief to get clear of Dunwich, and to follow the narrow road around the base of the hills and across the level country beyond till it rejoins the Aylesbury pike."

Colonial Aylesbury

Colonial Aylesbury, as described in the scenario "13 Black Candles":

  • Aylesbury is a somewhat secluded town in the Northern area of Connecticut. It has several outlying farms and a few wooded areas. The main part of the town has a variety of businesses and building that would be need in a Colonial Era community. There is an Episcopalian church in the town, which most everyone attends. In addition it has a fine Inn by name of the Silver Bell. This functions not only as an inn but also a tavern serving ales, wine and food from the local farms. The majority of the inhabitants of Aylesbury are farmers or craftsmen and their families.
  • In October, Squire Tom Roberts gives his annual All Hallows Evening party; he has given this party every year since the end of the American Revolution, and it is a huge event in which the people from the town of Aylesbury are invited as well as family and friends from elsewhere.
  • Inhabitants include Squire Roberts, farmers, manual laborers, a carpenter, a baker, a blacksmith, a silversmith, an innkeeper, an Episocopalian minister, a veteran of the American Revolution (colonel), a retired Miskatonic professor, and a doctor.
  • Notable landmarks include a church and an inn, Squirell Creek [sic] (south of the town), pine woods (southwest of town on either side of the creek), a strange rock formation (in the pine woods), the Squire's large farm (south of the creek and east of the woods).