Before the Fall

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Before the Fall


Publisher: Chaosium

Product Code: 2377

Publishing Year: 1998

Pages: 64

Cover Price: $11.95

Author(s): Mike Lay, Ralph Dula, Gary Sumpter, Lucya Szachnowski, and Gary O'Connell

Cover painting: Tom Sullivan

Interior illustrations: M. Wayne Miller

Maps: Drashi Khendup

Project & Editorial: Lynn Willis

Design & Layout: Shannon Appel

Copyediting: Janice Sellers

Setting(s): 1920s

Format(s): Softcover


Scenarios: Mary, Old Acquaintance, The Innsmouth Connection, The Occulted Light

Additional: Introduction, Innsmouth & Environs (map), Handouts, Lovecraft Country (gazetter with community descriptions), Index

Front Cover Text

Innsmouth adventures prior to the Great Raid of 1928

Back Cover Text

Decadent Innsmouth—it is a home to stagnant dreams and lost hopes. Once it was a jewel on the Massachusetts coast, but now it has fallen, its days of glory long gone. Hidden in the fallen buildings, under the silted harbor, and behind the faces of the sullen inhabitants lie secrets, malign and evil.

Before the Fall features four adventures set in and around Innsmouth prior to the federal government raid of 1928. From Arkham to Falcon's Point and in Innsmouth itself, investigators confront the mysteries that form the shadow over Innsmouth.

This Fright Night scenario collection is suitable for beginning keepers and investigators. The adventures can also be used by experienced keepers as interludes in a longer campaign. Included are numerous illustrations, twenty detailed handouts, and several maps.

Comments / Trivia

Lists Children of the Deep as a forthcoming RPG book, but it was never released.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.