Caddo County

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Caddo County, Oklahoma

Origin: Zelia Bishop, "Curse of Yig (fiction)" and "The Mound (fiction)"



Binger, a town in Caddo County Oklahoma, near an Indian reservation for Wichita and Caddo indians; "Binger is a modest cluster of frame houses and stores in the midst of a flat windy region full of clouds of red dust. There are about 500 inhabitants besides the Indians on a neighbouring reservation; the principal occupation seeming to be agriculture." Notable families in the 1800s-1920s include the Comptons, Heatons, Lawtons, Nortons, Wheelocks. A strange mound looms in the western distance, within sight of the town, possibly of artificial origin attributed by locals to the Indians and by the Native Americans to "the Old Ones"; the mound area is the center for a number of local ghost stories and other sinister things, and thus the mound is shunned by locals, both white and native. Binger had a train station, Sheriff's office, general store, barber shop, doctor's office, saloon, and other common fixtures of small frontier towns.

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