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Blair Reynolds was the cover artist for Pagan Publishing's magazine, The Unspeakable Oath. He drew the cover artwork for the compilation of The Unspeakable Oath titled Courting Madness (1992), which was banned from sale by TSR at GenCon 25 because the cover implied a nude woman was performing a sexual act on a Cthulhu Mythos creature. Reynolds also did art for DGP, but when the company began to fail some creators were paid late or never paid; this was one of the reasons that Reynolds decided to leave the industry. Reynolds left the gaming industry in 1994 due to general discontent. Most of his focus afterward went to his erotic Cthulhu comic, Black Sands; the first issue was published in 1996 and never followed up on. Reynolds made a brief return to the industry in 1997, illustrating Biohazard's Blue Planet (1997), The Realm of Shadows (1997) and painting the cover to Delta Green: Countdown (1999). He also contributed a story to Delta Green: Alien Intelligence (1998).

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