Blue Heaven Ballroom

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Name: The Blue Heaven Ballroom, located in a 1920s "large American city", USA

Origin: scenario "Dead Man Stomp"

In the Mythos

A generic meeting-place and semi-public setting for scenarios to start in (used by default as the setting for opening scenes of "Dead Man Stomp"). The ballroom thrives under Prohibition as a place protected by both police and the mob for conducting their respective and mutual business.

Heresies and Controversies

Keeper Notes


  • Roland Marlow, owner of the ballroom
  • Ballroom staff
    • waiters and waitresses
    • bartenders
    • busboys
    • kitchen staff and dishwashers
    • misc. house entertainers, chorus girls and boys, etc.
  • Government officials
    • City Mayor (quietly permits the gang's alcohol business, as long as it is operated discretely; enjoys the alcohol himself)
    • Chief of Police (and/or other police "on the take")
    • Roger Daniels, an undercover U.S. Treasury agent with the Bureau of Prohibition (investigating the premises)
  • Mobsters
  • The Five-Star Band:
    • Mitch Wester, cornet (also leader, singer, and "face" of the band)
    • "Hoodoo" Buster Bedson, drums
    • Leroy Turner, trumpet
    •  ?, trombone
    •  ?, clarinet
    •  ?, piano