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Name(s): The Bonato Gang

First Appearance: scenario "Dead Man Stomp"

Short Description: A generic crime organization based in "a large American city" in the 1920s, consisting of roughly a dozen members before the events depicted in "Dead Man Stomp".

History and Scope

The Bonato gang was active in "a large American city" in the 1920s at least up to the events depicted in the scenario "Dead Man's Stomp" (c. 1926; the gang might be expected to have broken up, or to have gained a new perspective on life following their brief brush with 'The Mythos').

Identification, Psychology and Behavior

Generic thugs and hoodlums operating in a generic large U.S. city; the gang is known to be smuggling and selling alcohol using a local garage and delivery trucks as cover, selling alcohol to local speakeasies and other businesses, and operating a brothel; they are probably involved in other typical rackets including gambling, moving stolen goods, "protection" and other extortion rackets, etc. The gang is not beyond using the threat of violence to intimidate threats, moving easily into committing assault and battery, kidnapping, cold-blooded murder, and other serious crimes for the sake of self-preservation.

When presented with his first opportunity to use the Mythos, leader Archie Bonato was skeptical, treating it like a joke, until he realized that Mythos power worked beyond his wildest nightmares. Archie and the gang reacted to this first exposure to the abnormal in a predictable panic, until the threat it produced was contained and defused; the gang, already hardened to more mundane violations against the universe, would ultimately seem to have adjusted in the aftermath of this experience, and might be expected to embrace the use of the Mythos to achieve their selfish ends.


Tomes, Artifacts, Sites

  • location: The Blue Heaven Ballroom, a "safe" area protected by both the mob and the mayor and police for common business
  • location: A garage hangout from which the gang operates their Prohibition-era bootlegging/smuggling operation.
  • location: Mama Changell's Brothel; there is a makeshift prison in the basement
  • vehicles: At least two trucks for moving barrels of alcohol, and an unmarked grey Packard coup with no license plate, used for drive-by shootings.
  • weapons: A small arsenal of weapons, including a Thompson submachinegun, and some Colt 1911 semi-auto handguns.


  • Archie "The Boss" Bonato, leader
  • Joey Larson, minor mobster, hit-man
  • "Little" Jimmy Foster, getaway driver
  •  ?, gunman with Thompson SMG
  •  ?, one, two, or more nameless thugs/bodyguards
  •  ?, two or more truck drivers/smugglers
  •  ?, one or more other mobsters involved in the business of buying, making, and distributing illegal alcohol

Contacts and Allies

  • Roland Marlow, owner of the Blue Heaven Ballroom
    • Ballroom staff (waiters, waitresses, bartenders, busboys, kitchen staff, misc. house entertainers
  • City Mayor (quietly permits the gang's alcohol business, as long as it is operated discretely; enjoys the alcohol himself)
  • Chief of Police (and/or other police "on the take")
  • The Five-Star Band:
    • Mitch Wester, cornet (also leader, singer, and "face" of the band)
    • "Hoodoo" Buster Bedson, drums
    • Leroy Turner, trumpet
    •  ?, trombone
    •  ?, clarinet
    •  ?, piano


  • Pete Mancuso, accountant; Mancuso would begin blackmailing Archie Bonato in the mid-1920s for US$1000 a month, continuing until Mancuso's death by mob hit at the beginning of "Dead Man Stomp".
  • Roger Daniels, Treasury agent with the Bureau of Prohibition (which would later in its complicated history evolve into the ATF/BATFE/etc.); investigating alcohol-related crime and corruption in the city, probably has dossiers on the gang and would likely confront them shortly after the events of "Dead Man Stomp".

Heresies and Controversies

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