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. . . Listen, O Sons of Earth, to your teachers the Sons of the Stars. Learn, there is neither Height nor Depth, for all is one . . . The Dark Mother’s Spawn filled the cosmos. A great battle was fought between Those Within and Those Without, and battles fought for space, the Seeds of the Gods appearing and re appearing everywhere.” — anonymous, English manuscript, 16th century.

Supposedly of Atlantean origin and reputed to be “the oldest book in the world”, the actual existence of the Book of Dzyan (pronounced “zon”) has never been verified. Legend has it that the oldest known version sometimes called the Stanzas of Dzyan is written on palm leaves in the ancient Senzar language of Atlantis, and even the first chapters of that book came to earth from the planet Venus when its inhabitants came to Earth to instruct humanity. This work is supposedly the first volume of commentary on the Kiu-ti, a set of books kept at Xigaze in Tsang and said to be the origin of the scriptures of all religions. The book supposedly describes the history of the world from its very beginning, and covers the prehistoric civilizations of Atlantis, Hyperborea, Lemuria, Lomar, and others. It also outlines a cosmology of interlocking universes and worlds ruled by hierarchies of solar deities served by angelic spirits. The underlying theme of the work is that metaphysical evolution will allow lesser species to achieve higher status.

The Atlantean Version

Some believe the original Atlantean version still exists, hidden away in a secret temple in Tibet or kept by an inhuman monk somewhere on the lost Plateau of Leng, depending on whom you ask. Copies may also have existed in the great libraries of Imperial China; if so, they are long gone. Others claim that the book was long ago destroyed, knowledge of it coming only through visions or dreams granted by those variously known as “the Masters”, “the Brothers”, or “the Mahatmas.”

Such visitations are usually the product of long years of diligent study and searching for personal enlightenment. The Masters (appearing as figures dressed in Indian or Tibetan garb) appear to the person while asleep or during astral travel. Upon awakening from the dream or vision, the recipient must make all efforts to quickly transcribe what he has been told; memories of the dream fade quickly. Although a single dream may impart the entire contents of the work, transcribing a complete version takes upward of twelve weeks of undisturbed effort, perhaps refreshed by continuing dreams. Only a complete version of the original Atlantean imparts all the benefits described below.

It is theorized that the Masters are ancient Atlantean priests or wizards who exist in the city of Shamballah beneath Tibet, from which they travel astrally throughout the dimensions. Some hold that it is only their earthly spirits that have lingered here in order to transmit this important knowledge. Others claim the messages come from an alien race of beings known only as “the Old Ones.”

The Polyglot Copy

This version was found in 595 A.D. in a cave near the Tibetan border. It passed through a number of hands before a missionary deposited it in the Wharby Museum in England in 1902. The book is in a combination of Chinese, Sanskrit and Pnakotic glyphs, and requires rolls in all three.

The Chinese and Sanskrit Editions

Chinese and Sanskrit translations were kept at large libraries in China and Tibet, though all of these vanished many years ago. One lies in a small temple in the Karakoram mountains of Tibet, another at a secret cave near Okhee Math in the Himalayas.

The English Manuscript

A partial and faulty English manuscript has been in circulation since the 16th century. Although corroborative evidence is lacking, the constant references to “angels” have led some scholars to attribute it to Dr. John Dee.

Madame Blavatsky’s Version

This rendering appeared first in Madame Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine in 1888. Blavatsky’s version is blunted by her competitiveness with the science of the day, and much wisdom seems to have been lost in the process.

A Study of The Book of Dzyan

Written by Joachim Feery and privately published around 1930, this slim brochure reveals much about the legends regarding this fabled book.


Atlantis is known to have been a hotbed of cults and sorcery and a complete Atlantean version might conceivably contain dozens of spells. Keep in mind that the unseen “Masters” impart only as much knowledge as they wish. The Chinese and polyglot manuscripts contain:

The English translation lacks the spells Call Forth Spirit of Fire, Call Forth Spirit of Water, and Contact Masters. Blavatsky and Feery’s works contain no spells.