Book of Skelos

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Origin: Robert E. Howard: "The Pool of the Black One"


The Book of Skelos, also referred to as the Iron-Bound Book of Skelos, original in Hyborian runes. Within the pages of this forbidding book were spells and incantations to bring the dead to life, control the elements, and to summon extraterrestrial demons from the Outer Darkness, the black gulfs of space, and the pits of Arallu. No complete, original version of the book is known to exist today; according to legend, the few remaining originals were lost or destroyed in the chaos following the end of the Hyborian Age.

Latin Versions

A few mismatched reconstructions of the Book of Skelos, typically partially translated to Latin, with Hyborian runic hieroglyphs and smatterings of other languages, are known to have existed and sometimes find their way into sorcerers' hands. These mongrel Latin volumes were painstakingly, incompletely, and inaccurately reconstructed from assorted original loose pages obtained from boons, bargains, and thefts involving any variety of sinister sources, with the missing sections sometimes dubiously filled in from presumably similar content copied from other antique tomes and grimoires as well as the original work of later wizards under the influences of visions or demons, automatic writings, and the inspirations of insanity, and usually containing the true names of a few powerful demons and a few spells, as well as a maddening and inconsistent patchwork of Hyborian and other Mythos knowledge.

Mythos Content

1d6 / 2d6 SAN loss: +10 Cthulhu Mythos. Summon/Bind spells for demonic servitors, Gate spells.


  • Story: "The Pool of the Black One", Robert E. Howard
  • Call of Cthulhu Scenario: "The Ilsley Variant"


"He desired to learn if this island were indeed that mentioned in the mysterious Book of Skelos, whereon, nameless sagas [alleged], strange monsters guard crypts filled with hieroglyph-carven gold." - Robert E. Howard: "The Pool of the Black One"