Book of the Dark Order of Baphomet

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Appears in the scenario Scenario "13 Black Candles", by Jeff Woodall.


Written in Old English. The Book of the Dark Order of Baphomet describes the rituals and celebrations of the Dark Order of Baphomet cult. Its cover is the hide of some unknown reptile. On the first pages is an illustration of Baphomet slightly different from John Dee’s. Much of the book is a rambling account of general occult concepts and practices and history and manifesto of the cult, but some of it deals with Mythos knowledge. The book's last known location was in Aylesbury, Connecticut in the 1700s.

Mythos Content

Spells: The Rite of Renewal (Mind Transfer), A Ritual Call Forth His Dark Majesty Baphomet (Contact Deity Shub-Niggurath), To Call the Dark Friends (contact Crow People), Raising the Mists of The Earth (raise fog), bind soul, enchant candle (for mind-transfer ritual).

  • Sanity Loss 1d2/1d4
  • Mythos Knowledge + 3%
  • Occult Knowledge + 8%