Bradford University Role-Playing Society

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BURPS Winning in 2004

The role-playing games society of the University of Bradford.

The Bradford University Role-Playing Society (BURPS) won the UK National Student Roleplaying and Wargaming Championships ('Student Nationals') in 2004 at Sheffield University and subsequently hosted the 2005 Nationals at Bradford University the following year.

The Society meets on campus on Wednesday evenings in the Communal Building (7pm-Midnight) and Sundays (12 noon-Midnight). All types of RPGs are played, along with the occasional boardgame or two and wargaming evenings.

BURPS runs a yearly 24 hour RPG event in February and a Halloween Special event in October. Social events are also scattered throughout the year.


BURPS in action at Bradford in 2004

BURPS Web site

Student Nationals Web site