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(This list is of professional produced and publicly sold material.)

The following links below lead to individual Wiki entries for each supplement. (to be filled and updated, obviously!)

This is a list of Lovecraftian roleplaying supplements for the CthulhuTech originally published by Mongoose Publishing and later by Catalyst Game Labs and Sandstorm

Released Title Publisher Code Type PDF?
2007 CthulhuTech Core Book Mongoose Publishing 6107
R yes
2008 Vade Mecum: the CthulhuTech Companion Mongoose Publishing 23001 S yes
2008 Dark Passions Mongoose Publishing 23200 S yes
2009 Damnation View Catalyst Game Labs 23300 M yes
2009 Mortal Remains Catalyst Game Labs 23002 S yes
2010 Ancient Enemies Sandstorm 23100 M yes
2010 CthulhuTech GM Reference Screen Sandstorm 23610 R yes
2011 Unveiled Threats Sandstorm 23600 T yes

Codes Used: R = Rulebook, S = Sourcebook, M = Metaplot book, T = Tech Book


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'''Publisher:''' [[Publisher Name]]

'''Product Code:''' ABC123

'''Publishing Year:''' ####

'''Pages:''' ###

'''Cover Price:''' $##.##

'''Author(s):''' [[Author 1]], [[Author 2]]

'''Artist(s):''' [[Artist 1]], [[Artist 2]]

'''Book Type:''' [[Tech Book]], [[Metaplot Book]], ...

'''Format(s):''' Hardcover, Softcover

'''ISBN:''' #########-#


'''Campaigns:''' [[Campaign 1]], [[Campaign 2]]

'''Scenarios:''' [[Scenario 1]], [[Scenario 2]]

'''Articles:''' [[Article 1]], [[Article 2]]

'''Additional:''' Introduction, Player Handouts
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