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Publisher: Chaosium

Product Code: CHA23139-KD (printed, 4 decks), CHA23139-KD-PDF (PDF, 4 decks), CHA23139-KD#-PDF (individual deck, where # is a number 1-4)

Publishing Year: 2015

Pages: four 46-card decks

Cover Price: $29.95 (printed 4-deck set); $14.95 (PDF, set); $4.95 (PDF, each)

Author(s)/Artist(s): Mike Mason (devised, written, edited), Nick Nacario (layout & design); with public domain photographs, and illustrations by Marco Morte (Unfortunate Events and Weapons & Artifacts) and Reuben Dodd (Phobias)

Setting(s): generally Classic Era Lovecraft Country, with some other content ranging from Gaslight (and earlier) to Modern

Format(s): premium quality large-format (Tarot-sized?) card decks; PDFs

ISBN: 978-1-56882-202-0 (Curious Characters; 978-1-56882-203-7 (Phobia); 978-1-56882-205-1 (Unfortunate Events); 978-1-56882-206-8 (Weapons/Artifacts); 978-1-56882-163-4 (four-deck bundle)


Four card decks, with instructions, credits, etc.

Product Description

For the four-deck printed product (the PDF products are just variants on this text):

CALL OF CTHULHU KEEPER DECKS - Four decks of cards for use with the Call of Cthulhu tabletop roleplaying game. Each deck provides the Keeper and players with handy references, information and notes. Contained within are:

  • The Phobia Deck – 46 cards, each detailing the effects and consequences of a phobia, mania, or episode of madness.
  • The Curious Characters Deck - 46 cards, each providing game characteristics and backstories for a range of characters that the players could meet during a game.
  • The Unfortunate Events Deck - 46 cards, with all manner of strange, ill-fated and disastrous situations that will land the players in deep water.
  • The Weapons and Artifacts Deck - 46 cards, each detailing a hand-to-hand, firearm or Mythos artifact.

The Keeper can use these decks to supplement their scenarios: as inspiration when designing new encounters, to pass players secret and important notes during a game, and as a handy way to impart information. The different cards can enhance the story, advance the plot, as well as introduce friendly or villainous non-player characters.

Comments / Trivia

  • Creator Mike Mason describes his original concept for these decks in a blog entry here: (link)


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