Call of Cthulhu Stratigraph

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Publisher: Chaosium

Product Code: CHA23135-Stratigraph-PDF

Publishing Year: 2015

Pages: 1 (very large JPG or PDF file perhaps best printed poster-style on multiple pages)

Cover Price: $9.95

Author(s)/Artist(s): (Uncredited?)

Setting(s): (any)

Format(s): PDF/JPG Only

ISBN: #########-# (none?)


  • JPG and PDF versions of "Stratigraph" chart/timeline

Product Description

This Product is a Downloadable PDF and High Quality JPG. This Handsome full color Mythos Prehistory Stratigraph depicts the Earth's geologic ages and includes major Cthulhu Mythos events as well.

Comments / Trivia

  • This was originally proposed as a printed product for a "stretch goal" of the troubled 7th Edition Kickstarter campaign, but this printed product along with a number of others was deleted and delivered as PDF-only when it became clear that Chaosium could not afford to print and deliver all the proposed printed stretch goal rewards.


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