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Films featuring cults and cultists, possibly including one of the big-name Mythos Cults. Many modern works will contain some contemporary cultists who dress and look like ordinary people operating in the comfort of offices and studies, but you can also expect some standard-issue Human Cultists of the hooded-robe, tattood fanatic, and pulp Thuggee cult and Yellow Peril varieties.

Trivia: Paranoia is a fear of conspiracy; teleophobia is a fear of plans and ceremonies; sociophobia and anthropophobia are the fear of people and society; thaumatophobia is a fear of miracles; theologicophobia is a fear of theology; theophobia is the fear of gods or religion; wiccaphobia is a fear of witches and witchcraft; xenoglossophobia is a fear of foreign or dead languages (such as those a cult might chant in); cryptophobia is a fear of secrets and hidden knowledge; hereiophobia is the fear of heresies.

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