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Films that can be categorized as Fantasy (genre), generally through taking place in settings that are not obligated to have scientific (or pseudo-scientific) explanations for their fantastic elements in the way that Science Fiction tends to be.

Lovecraft wrote a number of stories in a recognizable fantasy mode, most notably his Dreamlands stories.

Fantasy can be relatively light on horror elements, and may be quite distinct from Science Fiction, but doesn't need to be, and the lines between these closely-related genres are rarely distinct (in fact, they only recently came to be regarded as distinct genres, rather than part of a "genre fiction" or "speculative fiction" genre); in Lovecraft's case, these genres were usually freely blended into what Lovecraft called "Weird Fiction", characterized by the weird and uncanny sensations generated by their handling of the eeriness of the Unknown.

For the purposes of this category, however, these films will most likely involve the sword-and-sorcery work of Robert E. Howard's most famous creations, Dreamlands stories, and other work resembling or otherwise involving a more traditional fantasy type setting.