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These films have claims to Lovecraftian ancestry, sometimes going as far as giving Lovecraft a writing credit or using Lovecraft's name in the title ("H.P. Lovecraft Presents - H.P. Lovecraft's: Film Which Has Nothing to do with H.P. Lovecraft, or: H.P. Lovecraft Fans Will Buy Anything if You Stick 'Lovecraft' or 'Cthulhu' in the Name"), but, of course, the results usually have little or nothing to do with Lovecraft.

Such films may be based on original stories which can't stand alone, and so Lovecraft is given a writing credit to lend the mess some dubious credibility, or Lovecraft's name might be cynically attached to a film for marketing purposes, or someone might have tried rushing a low-budget film with a title from a Lovecraft story into the market first to compete with a better film based on the same story, or something that started out as a legitimate Lovecraft adaptation was subjected to so many rewrites that nothing remained of the original story, or in one or two cases Lovecraft's name might be dropped in a more general horror/fantasy/geek parody as an "Easter Egg" or in-joke in a work that has no other connection with the author, or sometimes a clone of a copy of a watered-down sequel to a loose adaptation might inherit a name or vague idea and little else from the fifth-hand legacy of one of Lovecraft's original works.

Sometimes, the results are still entertaining, but they are almost always "Lovecraftian" in only the very loosest of ways....