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Lovecraft's R'lyeh and bizarre Antarctica are just a couple examples of "lost continents" which appear in original "Lovecraftian" fiction; as the world grew smaller and smaller with advances in transportation technology and exploration, archaeological discoveries in the pulp era of cities and lands once thought mythical helped to fire the public's imagination, and occult works dealing with Atlantis, Mu, Lemuria, Shambhala, Hollow Earth, and other mystical and lost places were incredibly popular in that era's version of the "Spiritualist"/"New Age" subculture, and it should probably come as little surprise that the pages of pulp speculative fiction contain many allusions to strange sunken cities, islands and cities which have bizarrely escaped the attention of the outside world, primitive lost worlds on remote lost plateaus, degenerate jungle cities, etc.

Films on this page will mostly deal with lost continents (especially Atlantis, an especially popular subject) and mysterious islands, though other variations may also be included.

See Category:Film:HollowEarthLittlePeople for the "Hollow Earth" version of the Lost World, as the degenerate, troglodytic, barely-human races that typically inhabit the Hollow Earth tend to lend that variation its own distinct, and typically darker and more paranoid flavor.