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Films featuring the ocean, seas, sea monsters, and ships, harbors, offshore platforms, and such.

Lovecraft himself apparently had a phobia of the sea and of fish, and wrote at least a couple stories directly involving the ocean (Shadow Over Innsmouth (fiction), "Dagon (fiction)", "The Temple (fiction)", etc.)

Expect a lot of films full of Tentacle Monsters and fish-men in this category - in fact, many of the films in this category probably also appear in the category for tentacles, due to having little else in common with Lovecraft except for an octopus or other animal or monster with tentacles....

Trivia: Thalassophobia is a fear of seas and oceans, while potamophobia is a fear of rivers, streams, and canals; bathophobia is a fear of depths (including ocean depths); ichthyophobia is a fear of fish; aquaophobia is a general fear of water and swimming; ombrophobia or pluviophobia is a fear of rain or being rained on; submechanophobia is a fear of submerged machinery (such as sunken ships); cetaphobia is a fear of sea monsters or large sea animals. (Hydrophobia is sometimes also used to refer to fear of water, but more commonly refers to the disease Rabies, in which victims experience great difficulty drinking and swallowing water, and thus avoid water....)

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