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"One-Tentacle Media" - media that has been roughly rated 1/5 "tentacles" on a scale of how "Lovecraftian" it is.

The number of tentacles is not an indication of quality - these are not necessarily bad films - rather, they indicate that the "Lovecraftian" connection is tenuous enough that there will usually be some lively debate about whether it counts as "Lovecraftian", since that description tends to mean different things to different users.

These films can be considered "debateably Lovecraftian": most critics will see at least a few films in this list that will tempt them to say "that is NOT Lovecraftian, not at ALL!"

Films in this category might have some intangible, surreal or dreamlike atmosphere that reminds some viewers of the "weird" atmosphere invoked by Lovecraft's stories, or they might include tentacle-monsters that remind them a lot of Lovecraft's most famous creations, and in a few cases these films include references to Lovecraft's creations but have very little else in common with them (perhaps a character mentions the Necronomicon or some character is spotted wearing a Miskatonic University t-shirt, but the film itself has nothing else to do with Lovecraft beyond that brief in-joke.

Depending on your definition of "Lovecraftian", different lists of films in this category can range from essential "Lovecraftian" viewing, to odd curiosities and footnotes to Lovecraft film history, to films that don't fit into the general "Lovecraftian" mold at all.

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