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Films containing literal or figurative portals to other dimensions and worlds. These can typically take the form of wormholes, gates, and portals that monsters or characters physically step through, though this category also includes astral projection and dreaming psychically into other worlds. These portals will usually lead to a hellish Other Side of some sort: a dimension of darkness and horror, though not necessarily (Lovecraft used this concept more for travel into the Dreamlands than anything else).

Trivia: Entamaphobia is a fear of doors, perhaps related to agoraphobia or claustrophobia (a fear of wide open or closed spaces, respectively, depending on which side of the door one is afraid of); gephyrophobia is a fear of crossing bridges; astrophobia is a fear of stars and space and alien worlds; scelerophobia is a fear of intruders, crime, and violation (in this context, of intruders or violations from beyond a door or portal); haphephobia (or aphephobia, haphophobia, hapnophobia, haptephobia, haptophobia, thixophobia) is a fear of being touched or having your space invaded; xenophobia is a fear of strangers or aliens; abductophobia is the fear of abduction; mazeophobia is a proposed word for fear of becoming lost or losing someone/something; athazagoraphobia is a fear of being forgotten or forgetting someone/something; kinetoptophobia is a fear of movement or being moved.

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