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"Well, there are tentacles in it, at least!"

Lovecraft didn't invent the Tentacle Monster (H.G. Wells featured them in War of the Worlds in 1897, and the idea probably wasn't new even then), but the Tentacle Monster has somehow become synonymous with Lovecraft in the popular imagination. Any list of "Lovecraftian" films, allowed enough reader suggestions, will quickly pick up a few suggestions whose sole qualification for the list is that there are tentacles in it. There may not be much else going on in these films that can be considered "Lovecraftian", but at least there are tentacles, and, to be fair, one or two of Lovecraft's more famous creations did, at least, have tentacles.

For fans of Tentacle Monsters, most of the films in this category at least contain some tentacles (or, at least, some vaguely Lovecraftian monsters); a few of these films may even have other elements they share in common with Lovecraft's more subtle ideas, and perhaps one or two of these films are actually faithful adaptations of Lovecraft's stories.

Trivia: Cetaophobia is a fear of sea monsters, whales, and other large sea creatures; teratophobia is a fear of monsters and deformed people or creatures; dysmorphophobia is a fear of deformity or becoming deformed; xenophobia is a fear of strangers or aliens; ichthyophobia is a fear of fish; ostraconophobia is a fear of shellfish; ophidiophobia (or "snakeophobia") is a fear of snakes; selachophobia is a fear of sharks; molluscophobia is a fear of slugs, snails, molluscs, and sea worms; helminthophobia or scoleciphobia is a fear of worms or being infested with worms; parasitophobia is a fear of parasites; trichopathophobia or trichophobia is a fear of hair; assymetriphobia and symmetriphobia are a fear of assymetrical and symmetrical things respectively; myxophobia is a fear of slime; trypophobia is proposed word for a fear of an irregular pattern of holes (as in a sponge); chtapodiphobia or plokomiphobia are proposed words for a fear of octopus-like creatures and of tentacles respectively.

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