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See Template:Cleanup for the cleanup template.

Pages in this category could use any of the following revisions and improvements:

  • simple proof-reading for spelling, capitalization, grammar, etc.
  • categorization
  • reorganization or formatting
  • additional detail
  • simplification (perhaps by splitting into sub-articles)
  • addition of links to/from other articles
  • review for potentially copyrighted content
  • corrections of factual errors or updated research
  • adjustment to a more scholarly tone, etc.

Remember to remove the line containing template tag from the beginning of the article after you have finished editing it:

{{Cleanup|reason=The article requires general revision.|date=~~~~~}}
{{Construction|reason=This article is a stub.|date=~~~~~}}
{{Research|reason=This article requires further research or citation.|date=~~~~~}}

New to editing wikis? Revisions to pages in this category may be a great place to get started, as they often already contain content and wiki formatting, and simply need a few simple corrections.

Feb 20, 2017: A number of "stub" pages for races were created by Danial and others by referring to the table of contents for "Malleus Monstrarum" and other collections of monsters, most containing little more than the story the monster was taken from. These pages are a great start, but could use a lot more information (illustration, quotes, keeper notes suggesting ways to use the monster in a scenario, "heresies" that expand the possible roles of the monster and add to its lore and usefulness in scenarios, appearances in scenarios and other media, etc.) So, I've tagged them for "cleanup" to make them easier to track down and edit. These are a great project for someone who enjoys working with monsters.... See Races for a style guide.


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