The Celaeno Fragments

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"Despite the claims of those wiser, it is hard to understand how such cosmic evil can exist without a counter balancing force for good; for me, it is inconceivable." — Dr. Laban Shrewsbury, 1915.

This sheaf of hand-written notes was written by Dr. Laban Shrewsbury and deposited at the Miskatonic University library in 1915, shortly before his mysterious disappearance. The author implies that the research was done in an alien library in the distant star system of Celaeno, one of seven stars visible from Earth as the Pleiades, a star cluster in the constellation Taurus. The Eltdown Shards and some of the newly discovered Pnakotic Fragments fill in the gaps in the Celaeno Fragments, leading some scholars to believe that the three are pieces of a much older work.

In terse, concise language, Shrewsbury describes a pantheon of unknown gods that includes the "aether-beings" Azathoth and Yog-Sothoth, and the elementals Nyarlathotep (earth), Cthulhu (water), Cthugha (fire), and Ithaqua (air). Though such authorities as the Comte d'Erlette enthusiastically back up some of his opinions (see Cultes des Goules), most scholars see the Fragments as the work of a man desperately attempting to place some order on the chaos in which he was immersed. Shrewsbury appends some notes as to the nature of the Great Library of Celaeno, and the wisdom and dangers that may be found there.

Shrewsbury's Notes

Miskatonic University officials see these notes as something of an embarrassment, so they have never been published, nor may any but Miskatonic faculty and those approved by the head librarian consult them. The Fragments consist of a random collection of arcane scribblings and annotations covering nearly fifty sheets of paper. Some of the pages are oddly stained, the edges charred-looking and brittle, though not actually burnt in any way.

The Tuttle Celaeno Fragments

This volume comes to|Miskatonic in 1936 from the collection of Amos Tuttle. Much of the material within echoes the Celaeno Fragments, but this has been bound in with a great deal of miscellany, including a "R'lyehian Key".


The notes contain five different spells, none of them labeled in any way. Only reading the notes all the way through reveals their presence. Instructions are found for:

Tuttle’s book contains only Summon/Bind Byakhee.