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Child of Chaat, also known as Children of Chaat: Mutated Aquatic Horrors

Origin: Call of Cthulhu scenario "Dead Leaves Fall", inspired by "The Plague of St. James Infirmary", by Ken Asamatsu, 2005?


The final true form of their transformation starts with the shedding of the human carcass to reveal a top portion of transparent tentacles flowering out of leafy base skirted by a spiny shell with crustacean like legs, feelers and claws. The under-belly floats a prismatic gossamer collection of tendrils, leafy flaps and stalks tipped with alien eyes. The body of the creature seems to float about ignoring the laws of gravity and has unknown means to propel itself in small bursts of 5-10 feet with a small pause between each burst. If a Child of Chaat is killed, then its remains will melt except for the crustacean portion.
— Simon Yee, "Dead Leaves Fall"

A "Child of Chaat" is not really a literal descendant or relative of Chaat, per se, but someone with the taint of the dark water god’s influence. A cosmic inherited transformation found with certain people who are genetically predisposed to revert into some primordial form at those times when the stars are right and Chaat is claimed by its cultists to roam freely in the universe. Initially, people with this sensitivity exhibit minor deformities of the body which can evolve into aquatic creature-like features such as lobster claws, fins, or tentacles. During this phenomenon these individuals may even undergo an acute transformation and get closer to their true form, with changes so extreme that the body becomes a horror with features that seem to eventually melt into a liquid flesh with random primordial features. The final transformation into the True Form, a vaguely crustacean, tentacled, radially-symmetric shape of abnormal matter that defies the physics of normal matter, is truly horrific and when unprepared individuals eventually change to their true form they typically lose all of their sanity.

Heresies and Controversies

  • There is a great deal of thematic overlap between the Children of Chaat and Deep Ones, and no reason the distinction can't be blurred between them (they might be treated as the same race).
  • The transformation of the Children of Chaat typically occurs on or around Halloween, October 31, for mysterious reasons; this may just be the result of some biological, geological, or astronomical cycle, but some cultists claim that this date is sacred to Chaat. It might also be possible that the psycho-somatic effects of the beliefs of cultists and the rituals performed by cultists on this date (as easily as any other) may cause the transformation, rather than the date being the cause of the transformation and thus the cultists' beliefs.
  • The transmformation might be more likely to occur at times when R'lyeh rises close to the surface.

Associated Mythos Elements



The stats for Deep Ones might be used; additionally:

  • Armor: 2-point shell
  • Skills: Sneak 40%, Hide 35%
  • Sanity Loss: 0/1D6 Sanity Points to see one of the Children of Chaat. 0/1D4 for witnessing transformation.