Christmas in Kingsport (Scenario)

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Pages: 15

Author(s): Oscar Rios


Setting: 1920s

Appears in: Christmas in Kingsport (Monograph).

Campaign: this scenario is a sort of sequel to "Halloween in Dunwich"


Snow falls over the seaport town, its winding streets covered with ribbons of white. Smoke rises from the chimneys with the smells of chestnuts, cookies, and roast goose filling the air. Once again the family is together again at the home of Great Aunt Norma.


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In this scenario, the players take on the roles of young children, travelling to Great Aunt Norma's house in Kingsport to spend the Christmas season. While initially anticipating a boring holiday with the elderly widow, things suddenly look up when it becomes clear that 19-year-old cousin Melba will also be staying for the holidays. Melba is somewhat of a free spirit, flapper, and unbeknownst to most people is also quite a powerful Dreamer. In the Dreamlands she is known as The White Maiden and is a rich and benificent ruler who lives in Castle Mitzivador in Serannian.

True to her nature, Melba definitely spices up the Christmas holiday for the Investigators: she takes them for a whirlwind tour of several places in Kingsport, introducing them to several locals (some of who are also secretly Dreamers). When they return they meet another relative who has come for the celebrations, Uncle Wally, who has a surprise of his own - he has brought his new, young Austrian bride. While getting to know the new bride, Gretchen, the Investigators get hints that her marriage to Wally has not been well received by her Austrian family. What she won't say is that her father, who is the most furious of all the relatives, is also a powerful Dreamer whose rage threatens to spill over into the Dreamlands.

Melba has a very special Christmas present for the Investigators: when they fall asleep, she arranges for all of them to travel with her into the Dreamlands. Initially this is a wondrous and fantastic experience, travelling on a beautiful white ship to Serranian and attending a banquet at Castle Mitzivador. But in the midst of all the revelry, dark creatures called Krampus attack. All of the Investigators are taken, and teleported to prison cells in a tower standing in the Dreamlands' Cold Wastes.

In time it becomes apparent that the lord of the Krampus is the dream self of the Austrian noble who is Gretchen's father. There are a range of ways in which the Investigators can attempt to resolve the situation, but each has its own set of consequences not only in the Dreamlands, but also in the waking world.


Player Handouts: List the player handouts here.

Locations: Kingsport, various Dreamlands locations most notably Serannian and The Cold Wastes

Creatures: Krampus (new monster; stats provided in this scenario)

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