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Gatsby and the Great Race by Paul Fricker.
Return of the Ripper by William A. Barton
Farewell, My Sanity by Aaron Vanek.
The Primal State by Jeff Moeller
The Ravenar Sagas by Oscar Rios.

MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY LIBRARY ASSOCIATION monographs are longer works by one or more authors on a subject of import to Call of Cthulhu roleplayers. On these products the author has also fulfilled the functions of editor and layout artist. Monographs are digitally reproduced small run publications featuring cardstock covers and tape bindings. Through the publication of monographs Chaosium offer their most loyal fans more information more easily, and evaluate the potential of these works for eventual release to the wholesale market.

(The publication of "Menace from the Moon" marked a change in the standard cardstock cover, moving to a glossy paper with some color. In 2008 certain select monographs were also made available in .pdf form; a few recent monographs are only available as .pdf files and are marked as such.)

After the merger of Chaosium and Moon Design, the Monograph line was officially ended, with Chaosium attempting to sell-off their stock of print copies of the series. PDF copies might still remain available.

In late 2017 Chaosium launched their Miskatonic Repository storefront which allows for individual creators to self-publish their own creations (without editorial input from Chaosium). In many ways this is a programme aiming to achieve similar ends to the earlier MULAs.

On 28 February 2022, Chaosium announced they had officially shut down the Monographs being sold (although they had removed them for sale about a month earlier). Authors were able to republish them through the Miskatonic Repository if they wished.

Released Title Code Author Era PDF?
30 Oct 2003 Parapsychologist's Handbook 0302, originally 0085 Chris Jerome S yes
23 Nov 2003 End Time 0305, originally 0086 Dr. Michael C. LaBossiere F yes
20 Jan 2004 Raising Up 0304, originally 0089 Dr. Michael C. LaBossiere M yes
14 Feb 2004 The Abbey 0303, originally 0088 Michael Patty D yes
06 Aug 2004 Cthulhu Invictus (Monograph) 0301 Chad Bowser, Andi Newton, and Deane P. Goodwin I yes
09 Aug 2004 Mysteries of Morocco 0306 William Jones C
10 Aug 2004 First Book of Things 0307 Dr. Michael C. LaBossiere S yes
03 Sep 2004 Caligo Accedendum Tournament 0309 Michael Patty, Deane Goodwin, Bob Geis, and the C.A.T. staff D yes
09 Nov 2004 Machine Tractor Station Kharkov-37 0310 Bret Kramer C yes
13 Jan 2005 Cthulhu Rising 0311 John Ossoway CR yes
07 Feb 2005 Ripples From Carcosa (Monograph) 0312 Oscar Rios IDCR yes
30 Mar 2005 The Pastores 0313 Thomas B. de Mayo D yes
26 Apr 2005 Ramblings Of A Twisted Muse 0314 Robert Hobart and Phil Thompson C yes
11 May 2005 Strange Songs 0315 Cabal 13 M yes
30 May 2005 The Big Book of Cults 0316 Ben Counter M yes
28 Jun 2005 Legacies of the Renaissance 0318 Alan Kissane and Dr. Robert Francis C yes
05 Jul 2005 Toying With Humans 0317 Tony Fragge, Tyler Hudak, David Noal, and Matt Wiseman OM yes
29 Aug 2005 The Gaslight Equipment Catalogue 0319 Rod Bassler G yes
29 Aug 2005 The Last Trial 0320 Michael Drennan O {18th Century}
29 Aug 2005 Tales of Death & Darkness 0321 Oscar Rios C yes
07 Sep 2005 Terror 0322 Troy C. Wilhelmson C yes
07 Sep 2005 Cthulhu Masters Tournament 0323 Joseph Donaghue, Joseph P. Connolly, and Brandon J. Clark CO yes
25 Oct 2005 Gatsby and the Great Race 0324 Paul Fricker C yes
08 Nov 2005 Twilight Memoirs 0325 Clint Krause CM (fiction / props) yes
08 Nov 2005 Halloween Horror 0326 Jim Lynch, Oscar Rios, and R.J. Christensen C? yes
11 Jul 2006 The Fellowship of the Witching Hour 0328 David Sharrock O {1940s}
11 Jul 2006 Strange Tales of Dread & Wonder 0329 Dylan Sharpe et al. DCO yes
24 Jul 2006 Strange Tales of Dread & Wonder #2 0330 R. J. Christensen, Kev Dearn, and David Haddin CM yes
06 Oct 2006 Halloween Horror 2 0333 Walter Attridge, X.D. Eness, Brandon Hanlan, Brian Hensley,
John Kennedy, Shawn Proctor, Oscar Rios, Simon Yee et al.
DCMO yes
20 Nov 2006 Christmas in Kingsport 0334 Bob Brinkman, Ian Gorlick, László Dózsa, Oscar Rios, and
Philip Ebbrell
CM yes
08 Jan 2007 Menace From The Moon 0336 William A. Barton C yes
14 May 2007 Dark Mirror 0338 Thomas Rawlings SGCM yes
14 May 2007 Return of the Ripper 0339 William A. Barton G yes
14 May 2007 Mysteries of Hungary 0340 László Dózsa C yes
06 Jul 2007 Mythos Magic 0341 Christian Read S yes
30 Jul 2007 Night of the Kachina 0332 Jay Sprenkle O {Wild West} yes
30 Jul 2007 A Cthulhian Miscellany 0342 William A. Barton SGCM yes
30 Jul 2007 The Primal State 0344 Jeff Moeller C yes
03 Sep 2007 The Casting Call of Cthulhu 0345 R. J. Christensen SM yes
03 Sep 2007 Undying Leaders 0343 Jason Williams C yes
12 Oct 2007 Farewell, My Sanity 0346 Aaron Vanek C yes
24 Oct 2007 Halloween Horror Returns! 0347 Bob Brinkman, David M. Fetter, Jason Williams,
Oscar Rios, R. J. Christensen, and Simon Yee
CO yes
12 Feb 2008 The Ravenar Sagas 0348 Oscar Rios D yes
21 Feb 2008 Shadows of War 0349 Rick Payne and Glyn White O {World War II} yes
21 Mar 2008 Ravenstone Sanitarium 0350 John Gary Pettit C yes
21 Mar 2008 Mysteries of Tibet 0351 Jason Williams GC yes
14 Jun 2008 Rise of the Dead 0355 Andre Kruppa O {Near Future} yes
10 Jul 2008 Once Men 0356 Dr. Michael C. LaBossiere F yes
10 Jul 2008 The Vault 0358 Andre Kruppa C yes
24 Jul 2008 Kingdom of the Blind 0359 Anthony Warren C yes
12 Aug 2008 Malum Umbra 0353 Oscar Rios I yes
12 Aug 2008 Extrico Tabula 0354 Oscar Rios I yes
18 Dec 2008 This Old Haunted House 0361 R.J. Christensen SGCM yes
16 Jan 2009 Mysteries of Sudan 0362 Jason Williams SG yes
16 Jan 2009 Mystic Alliances 0363 Kamal Lombardi O {Near Future} yes
23 Feb 2009 Bride of Halloween Horror 0364 Sarah Newton, Ed McGlinn, Harris Burkhalter,
John W. Thompson, John D. Kennedy, Oscar Rios,
Simon Yee, Nick Davison, and Garnett Elliot
12 Mar 2009 Jovian Nightmares 0367 John Ossoway CR yes
12 May 2009 This Old Haunted House, Too 0373 R.J. Christensen SGCM yes
06 Aug 2009 Shenandoah 0377 John Petit C yes
24 Sep 2009 Five Go Mad In Egypt 0381 Alexander Leithes C yes
01 Oct 2009 Plan 09 From Halloween 0379 Victor M. Aguirre, Paul Hebron, Jon Hook,
Jason Lindsey, Oscar Rios, and Jason Williams
CM yes
21 Oct 2009 Queensguard 0382 Jeffrey Rissman O {Steampunk} yes
05 Feb 2010 Secrets of the Congo 0387 Michael Fredholm von Essen C yes
27 Apr 2010 Rise of the Dead - The Raid 0393 Andre Kruppa O {Near Future} yes
16 Jun 2010 Mysteries of the Raj 0391 Michael J. Daumen G yes
24 Jun 2010 Spirits & Dreams of the Viking Age 0390 Thomas B. de Mayo D yes
24 Jun 2010 Children of the Storm 0394 Shae Davidson O {Depression Era} yes
19 Jul 2010 The House That Stands Alone 0395 Dr. Michael C. LaBossiere M yes
30 Jul 2010 The Cruel Empire of Tsan Chan 0397 Christian Read F yes
08 Sep 2010 The Ghosts In The House 0396 Alan Leddon M yes
25 Feb 2011 The Dreaming Prince 0399 Teague Avent CM
12 Oct 2011 The Gods Hate Me 0402 Oscar Rios, Liam Jones, Jason Williams,
JP Chapleau, H. Jesseman, Simon Yee, and Max Nelson
I yes
14 Oct 2011 Dead Leaves Fall 0406 John A. Almack, Jon Hook, Rick Hudson, Tim Hutchings,
Joseph M. Isenberg, Tim Moriarty, Oscar Rios,
Jeff Woodall, Simon Yee
26 Oct 2011 The Sevenfold Path 0403 Jeff Moeller C Yes
28 Oct 2011 Colonial Terrors 0405 Jeff Woodall O {Colonial America} Yes
27 Jul 2012 Mysteries of Ireland 0408 Colin Dunlop C Yes
1 Jan 2013 The Phantom of Wilson Creek 0404 Andy Miller C Yes
22 Aug 2013 Dark Crusades 0414 Derik P. S. Dunning D No
24 Oct 2013 Horror Stories From The Red Room 0413 John A. Almack, Padraic Barrett, Joseph M. Isenberg,
Hugh Jesseman, Oscar Rios, Jeff Woodall, Simon Yee
I, C, other? Yes

Codes used: R = Rulebook for BRP, S = Sourcebook, D = Dark Ages, G = Gaslight (1890s), C = Classic (aka 1920s & 30s), M = Modern, F = Future, I = Cthulhu Invictus (Roman), CR = Cthulhu Rising (Future), O = Other

There are a range of non-MULA (ie non-Cthulhu) monographs also released by Chaosium, some of which would be usable in certain types of Call of Cthulhu games. A partial list follows:

Released Title Code Author Era PDF?
06 June, 2004 Basic Roleplaying- Magic 2006M Greg Stafford, Charlie Krank, and Raymond Turney R
06 June, 2004 Basic Roleplaying- Players' Book 2006P Steve Perrin, Greg Stafford, Steve Henderson, and Lynn Willis R
07 June, 2004 Cthulhu for President 0091g Chris O'Neill and Dan Landis O
12 October, 2004 Basic Roleplaying- Creatures Book 2006C Sandy Petersen and Steve Perrin R
13 January, 2005 Basic Roleplaying- Gamemaster's Book 2006G Greg Stafford, Charlie Krank, and Ken Rolston R


Cut-n-Paste the following for each Monograph. Remove irrelevant sections.

[[Image:name_of_uploaded_image.jpg|thumb|''Name of Page'']]
[[Image:name_of_additional_optional_image.jpg|thumb|''Name of Image'']]

'''Product Code:''' ABC123

'''Publishing Year:''' ####

'''Pages:''' ###

'''Cover Price:''' $##.##

'''Author(s):''' [[Author 1]], [[Author 2]]

'''Artist(s):''' [[Artist 1]], [[Artist 2]]

'''Setting(s):''' [[1890s]], [[1920s]], [[Modern]], [[Delta Green]]

'''Format:''' [[CoC:MULA Monographs|MULA Monograph]]


'''Campaigns:''' [[Campaign 1]], [[Campaign 2]]

'''Scenarios:''' [[Scenario 1]], [[Scenario 2]]

'''Articles:''' [[Article 1]], [[Article 2]]

'''Additional:''' Introduction, Player Handouts
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==Comments / Trivia==
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