Coming Full Circle

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Front Cover

Publisher: Pagan Publishing

Product Code: 1003

Publishing Year: 1995

Pages: 160

Cover Price: $17.95

Author: John H. Crowe, III

Front cover artist: Dennis Detwiller

Back cover artist: Heather Hudson

Illustrator: Heather Hudson

Editor: John Tynes

Art Director: Dennis Detwiller

Graphic Designer: Mark Schumann

Proofreader: Brian A. Appleton

Cover designer & Technical Illustrator: John Tynes

Playtesters: Brian A. Appelton, Thom Baguley, Andrew Hedges, Christian Klepac, Ian Robertson, Kathryn Robertson, John Tynes

Settings: 1920s and 1930s

Format(s): Softcover


Campaigns: Coming Full Circle (Campaign)

Scenarios: Cold Spot, Remains to be Seen, The Whitewood Horror, Full Circle

Additional: Introduction, Running Coming Full Circle, Character Creation, Appendix A: The Reverend's Journal, Appendix B: New Spell & Rituals, Appendix C: Bibliography, Appendix D: Player aids & Coming Full Circle character sheet, Afterword

Front Cover Text

A Call of Cthulhu campaign from Pagan Publishing.

Back Cover Text

Vengeance has been a long time coming.

The little town of North Ashfield, Massachusetts, is not the kind of town where evil dwells. Yet it not only dwells - it thrives. The ghost of the past and the horrors of the present rub shoulders with honest citizens and innocent children, feeding on the isolation and naiveté of the residents. The circle of life, the circle of love, the circle of friends, the circle of family: all are encompassed within a much larger sphere... the circle of death. Its arc is slow and somber, but when the ends are joined all hell will break loose. The legends of New England rise wild.

Coming Full Circle is a campaign of four scenarios set from 1929 through 1939. This is a non-Mythos campaign featuring threats drawn from New England folklore and superstition, and includes rules for creating psychics and mediums as investigators and using "the Gift" in play.

Comments / Trivia

Pagan subsequently published The Realm of Shadows (Campaign) which is a sequel of sorts to Coming Full Circle.


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