Convergence (Scenario)

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The Unspeakable Oath, Issue 7 Front Cover
Delta Green BRP Edtion Front Cover

Pages: ###

Author(s): John Tynes

Artist(s): Dennis Detwiller

Setting: Delta Green

Appears in: The Unspeakable Oath, Issue 07, Delta Green (Core Sourcebook).

Campaign: N/A


A gas station robber has exhibited strange characteristics. Investigators are dispatched to his home town to find out more.


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When a 18-years old teenager named Billy Ray Spivey is arrested by the FBI after brutally killing his father and attacking six gas stations, investigators (all Delta Green agents or friendlies) are dispatched to his home town Groversville, Tennessee. The truth is that the Mi-Go has been using the people of Groversville as guinea pig in experiments with the so-called protomatter, controlling their brains and performing body alterations with tube-grown organs. The aliens contaminated the water supply and took control of the Board of Aldermen, using it to control important townspeople on their behalf. The Delta Green agents will have to find and shut down the Mi-Go base of operations, but the aliens have eyes all over the city and will be prepared to leave and cover their tracks with a deadly virus.


Player Handouts: Two files found in Scott Adams' notebook.

Locations: The fictional small town of Groversville, Tennessee.

Creatures: Mi-Go, Greys, Spawn of Ubbo-Sathla.

Tomes and Artifacts: (none)

Campaigns / Scenarios:

Comments / Trivia

When the scenario appeared in The Unspeakable Oath, Issue 07, it incorporated concepts and ideas from R. Talsorian Games Cyberpunk setting and acted as a prequel to the scenario Transference published in Interface, Volume 2, number 2.

The original magazine publication of "Convergence" pre-dates the Delta Green setting as outlined in Delta Green (Core Sourcebook) (published in 1996 some 3-4 years after the scenario graced the pages of The Unspeakable Oath). Because of this, there are differences between the two versions. Compared to the book version, the original magazine scenario:

  • includes a substantial amount of explanatory material about who and what Delta Green are
  • features a much more detailed explanation about the Proto-Matter being used by the Mi-Go, linking it back to Ubbo-Sothla. The book version renames the "Spawns of Ubbo-Sothla" as "Protomatter Spawns"
  • has frightened teenage Billy Ray Spivey wearing a Megadeth T-Shirt instead of a Metallica T-Shirt
  • makes use of a different "bad guy" agency, more explicitly identifying the enemy agents as being NSA (rather than being Majestic 12)
  • makes use of a different crackpot TV-show ("Tough Stories" rather than "Phenomen-X")
  • features a potential combat encounter at the town reservoir, where a Spawn of Ubbo-Sothla has been deposited
  • the motel ("Merle's Shut-Eye") is even smaller, six rooms versus twelve
  • the dead UFO researcher NPC has a different name (Alan Smithee vs Scott Adams)
  • includes an offer by Pagan Publishing to supply copies of the manipulated digital audio file found on the UFO researcher's laptop -- readers could either receive a diskette in the mail or a cassette tape with the manipulated and normal versions
  • doesn't include a way that the deadly Mi-Go virus (which investigators are likely to contract) can be defeated
  • the description of the Mi-Go medical laboratory is slightly abbreviated, and the dead body in the tube has a different origin (instead of being a boy killed in a car accident, he is an abduction victim)
  • the encounter at the Mi-Go medical laboratory may end with an additional combat against a Spawn of Ubbo-Sothla
  • the encounter at the end between the investigators and the "bad guy" agents (here NSA, rather than NRO SECTION DELTA) plays out slightly differently but with the same result
  • there is a table of SAN Rewards (left out of the book version) and a discussion on how this scenario integrates "Cyberpunk" concepts into a Cthulhu and some thoughts on running the scenario in different settings
  • includes a map of the fictional town Groversville (omitted from the book version)
  • includes only rudimentary stats (expanded for the book version)

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