Crawling at you

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Pages: 1-4

Author(s): Carl T. Ford


Appears in: Dagon, Issues 18-19, 20, 21, 22-23, 24, 25, 26, 27


A news column listing the publication of weird fiction and Lovecraft-related material from Chaosium as well as the release of horror films.

Issue 18-19:

Issue 20:

  • Books and stories by Brian Lumley: The Burrowers Beneath, Mad Moon of Dreams, Necroscope II, Synchronicity or Something
  • Books and stories by Ramsey Campbell: Night Visions, The Influence, Dark Feasts
  • From Beyond (1986) movie
  • The Testimony of Randolph Carter (1987) movie
  • Clark Ashton Smith: Letters to H. P. Lovecraft edited by Steve Behrends
  • Avallaunius, the journal of the Arthur Machen Society

Issue 21:

Issue 22-23:

Issue 24:

Issue 25:

Issue 26:

  • Songs of a Dead Dreamer by Thomas Ligotti
  • Crypt of Cthulhu #68
  • Unthreatened by the Morning Light by Karl Edward Wagner
  • The Edge magazine edited by Graham Evans
  • By the Yellow Moonrock magazine edited by David Cowperthwaite
  • Tales of Terror edited by S. J. Hatherley

Issue 27: