Crazy Block

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Pages: 45

Author(s): David Noal, with assistance from the Group of 2005 and others...

Setting: 1984 within the walls of a fictional prison for the criminally insane.

Appears in: Toying With Humans


The insane, convicted and incarcerated criminals of Wayfold Private Correctional Institution are pitted against terrible modern day agents of the Cthulhu Mythos.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


The scenario takes place within the walls of a fictional prison and also within the dreams and visions of the criminals housed there. The players take up roles as these criminals, who are being experimented upon by the doctors at the facility. These experiments involve drugs, visions and mythos spells and, of course, go terribly wrong and the inmates are left to fend for themselves against mythos horrors.


Player Handouts: There are 12 pages of handouts. These include a mythos journal, a map, "Pleasant Thoughts," and doctor's notes.

Creatures: Dark Young appear in a single scene.

Tomes and Artifacts: All of the mythos notes present in the scenario are new, and included as handouts. There are no mythos artifacts in this scenario. Two spells are described and included as well.

An excerpt from a handout follows:

Her dreams usually involved the beach, the coastline of Massachusetts, Kingsport to be exact; apparently where she grew up. As a small girl she was taken to the beach by her father, and when he passed on she ventured there alone. The calling, as she described it, was undeniable, and eventually it led her there each afternoon until the sun set. Her nightmares always start out this way, but they end in a much, much more sinister fashion.

These nightmares became her most chronic health problem, even beyond the hydrophobia; no, now I realize it was unmistakably thalassophobia. The things she described would come up, out of the water there, on the Kingsport beach. The eyes of these things appeared as fish eyes or those of a frog, she could never decide. She reported that they had dark slimy skin and webbing between their toes and fingers, she said they lived deep beneath the waves. They would come to her, and her alone upon the beach.

Campaigns / Scenarios Referenced: No other campaigns or scenarios are referenced. Crazy Block is intended as a single night, one-shot scenario.


PCI Wayfold is modeled after 1980s style private prison facilities, though liberties have been taken on private industries’ participation in the PA prison system. The facility is located in Western PA, though could easily be relocated if a Keeper desired. The scenario includes 6 pre-generated characters but could be run with as few as three players.

The NPCs (staff and inmates) are fully detailed and statistics are provided for all relevant NPCs and creatures.

The scenario results in the end of the world if the players fail to solve the presented mythos problems. At least one of them will still die even in success.

Keeper Comments

This scenario is designed for experienced mature players. Groups with many new players or a new Keeper may be quickly overwhelmed by the scenario. An experienced keeper must remain flexible since there are many paths that may be taken through several of the encounters. The scenario will play out in a single 3-4 hour session.