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CthulhuMud is a "multi-user dungeon" (MUD), a text-based multi-user role-playing game. It can be played on the default Telenet, but using a actual mud browser such as free Fire Client is recommended.


It is free-to-play and requires no account confirmation. Like all MUDs, it contains no graphics and is controlled through entering keystrokes and simple phrases. The world, which includes the Dreamlands, multiple locations on earth, and distant planets like Yuggoth, is divided into areas or "rooms", each with their own description and inhabitants. It is one of the few mythos games that allows users to play non-human species.

Character grow in a fairly straightforward RPG style, where levels are earned by killing foes and completing quests, and each level increases the players' stats, granting them access to new skills, and giving training and practice sessions that can be used in the presence of a trainer to increase and attributes and skill levels.

Beginners are encouraged to run through the tutorial 'school'. Compared to most Cthulhu Mythos-based RPGs, CthulhuMud is fairly combat-oriented.

Player-killing is possible, and the game is moderated by users know as "Immortals". Character must eat and drink regularly to keep themselves alive. Role-playing is encourages outside the 'Gossip' channel.

To play, open any MUD client and set host to cthulhumud.com and port to 8889.

Races and Professions

  • Humans - Recommended for MUD beginners, starter professions include Cadets, Apprentice, Hoodlums and Undergraduates (all who begin in Arkham) Urchin (who begins in Dylath-Leen) and the Squire and Initiate (who begin in Ulthar).
  • Deep Ones - Starter professions include Tentacle of Dagon (preist) and Clam Hunter (warrior) who both start in Y'ha-nthlei.
  • Mi-go - Starter professions include the Scientist, who start in a facility in Mi-Go city on Yuggoth, and the Brain Hunter, who starts aboard the Mi-Go mothership orbiting Earth.
  • Yithian - A difficult-to-play species that uses the bodies of others as 'vessels' to complete task, only one starter profession (Yithian explorer) is available, and it starts in the Yithian library.
  • Zoog - Furry blue dreamlands inhabitants, starter professions include Zephyr (hunter) and Mageling (occultist), both who start in the Zoog village.