Cthulhu 1000 AD (Setting)

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Front Cover
Back Cover

English Edition: Cthulhu Dark Ages

Publisher: Pegasus Press

Product Code: CWS001

Publishing Year: October 2002

Pages: 114

Cover Price: € ??,??

Authors: Stéphane Gesbert (author); Frank Heller & Hannes Kaiser (additional material)

Translators: Frank Heller, Hannes Kaiser, Andreas Melhorn

Artists: Stéphane Gesbert, Francois Launet, Björn Lensig, Kostja Kleye, Manfred Escher, Maik Krüger

Setting: Dark Ages

Format: Softcover

ISBN: 3-930635-78-X


Inhalt (Table of Contents)

  • 04 ... Impressum (Colophon)
  • 05 ... Einleitung (Introduction)
  • 07 ... Spielmechanismen (Game Mechanics)
  • 21 ... Grimoire
  • 36 ... Bestiarium (Beastiary)
  • 50 ... Finstere Jahre: 950-1050 (Dark Ages: 950-1050)
  • 70 ... Abenteuer: "Die Gruft" (Scenario: "The Tomb")

Front Cover Text

Cthuloide Welten Sonderband 1
1000 AD

Back Cover Text

Eine Welt voll Leben und Sterben und uraltem Grauen
Cthulhu bei Fackelschein!
1000 AD. Kriegsherren bekämpfen sich wie tollwütige Hunde ...
Bauern haben Angst vor dem Dunkel ...
Fast jede grosse Abtei besitzt eine Ausgabe des Necronomicon ...
Cthulhu 1000 AD dreht die Uhr des lovecraftschen Horrors um tausend Jahre zurück, geradewegs ins finstere Mittelalter!
Um das vorliegende Material völlig ausnutzen zu können, wird nur das Regelbuch für H.P. Lovecrafts Cthulhu benötigt.
Cthulhu 1000 AD heisst alle Cthulhu-Spieler und -Spielleiter willkommen in einer Welt, in der das Leben härter und das Grauen ursprünglicher ist.

Comments / Trivia

The author wrote the manuscript in English and submitted it to Pegasus Press. They then translated it into German. It was first supposed to be a series of articles in Cthuloide Welten magazine but was deemed to long (as in would-have-taken-to-many-issues-to-split-across). So it was released as the first 'Sonderband' (special issue) of Cthuloide Welten; what would later become the Cthuloide Welten Bibliothek. The book then got picked up by Chaosium and relaesed as Cthulhu Dark Ages, making it the first (more or less) German CoC product to be published in English.

This version of the cover image is a bit bigger and more revealing than the Chaosium version.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

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