Cthulhu Design (Portfolio)

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Publisher: Manfred Escher

Product Code: n/a

Publishing Year: 2012

Pages: 114

Cover Price: € 29,95

Author: Manfred Escher

Artist: Manfred Escher

Setting: n/a

Format: Softcover


This book is a self-published portfolio of all the design work Manfred Escher did from 1999 to 2011 for Pegasus Press' Cthulhu line, as well as his work for the official magazine Cthuloide Welten, it's English sister magazine Worlds of Cthulhu, the settings Cthulhu Now and Der Hexer von Salem, the Private Eye roleplaying game, the band Musica Cthulhiana and selected website designs.

It includes in total 176 images, including 38 full-page covers, 25 complete jackets, 2 unpublished and 15 alternate cover designs, and 15 logos.

Additional: Introduction by Frank Heller, Reflection by Marcus Johanus

Front Cover Text

Manfred Escher

Cthulhu Design

Comments / Trivia

Only 250 copies of this book were printed, of which only 150 copies were for sale.

The cover of the book shows the spine design of the German Cthulhu books. Manfred Escher also produced a wallpaper of that picture which he made available after the release of this book through his website. Fortunately, the artist gave permission to host this wallpaper in this wiki.

©Manfred Escher 2012