Cthuloide Welten, Ausgabe 17 (Magazin)

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CW17 Cover

Magazine: Cthuloide Welten

Publisher: Pegasus Press

Publishing Year: 2009

Pages: 131

Cover Price: € 9.95

Editor: Frank Heller

Authors: Oliver Adam, Mirko Bader, Ben Counter, Fank Heller, Daniel Hockmann, Christoph Maser, Thomas Michalski, Daniel Neugebauer, Astrd Mosler, Peter Schott, Steffen Schütte, Sixt Wetzler

Artists: Marc Hermann, Ralph G. Kretschmann, Norbert Struckmeier

Settings: 1920s, Modern, Dreamlands

Format: Softcover

ISSN: 1610-5362


Mexiko [33 pages] This article is a description of Mexico in the 1920s.

Das Blutbad in Hinterkaifeck [6 pages] A mystery murder case, which has happened in the village of Hinterkaifeck / Bavaria in 1922, and the mythos.

Mehr Spaß mit Okkultisten [6 pages] How to have fun with the occult.

Anita Berber - Tanz zwischen Glanz und Finsternis [8 pages] Berlin's notorious dancer and actress.

Paul Maclean [6 pages] An interview with the man behind www.yog-sothoth.com.

Das Kampfsystem im Fadenkreuz [3 pages] Alternative rules for physical conflicts. Download them here.


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