Curse of the Bone (Scenario)

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White Dwarf, Issue 86

Pages: 8-15

Author(s): Marcus L. Rowland

Artist(s): Martin McKenna

Setting: Modern (England)

Appears in: White Dwarf, #86.

Campaign: N/A


The Investigators are asked by a friend who is a doctor to investigate the cause of a 'psychosomatic' illness that has left one of her patients suffering extreme muscle spasms.


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 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)
The Investigators are contacted by a friend who is a Doctor. They have a patient who is suffering from extreme muscle spasms for which all the available evidence points to a psychosomatic cause. Visiting the victims flat, the Investigators find, evidence that he has purchased a second-hand car recently. The evidence suggests that a visit to the second-hand car dealer may provide further clues. Careful investigation will reveal that the dealer is a Cultist in league with a small group of ghouls living under the local cemetery. The patient discovered evidence of a victim of the cultist in their car and is the victim of a spell designed to keep him from revealing what he knows.


Player Handouts: Summary Medical report on Karim Fomutesca, Summary Academic Record of Karim Fomutesca, Memo to Karim Fomutesca, Business Cards (All of these handouts will have to be made by the Keeper.)

Locations: Alberton (a London suburb)

Creatures: Cultist, Ghouls

Tomes and Artifacts: Bone Flute; a new spell, Flute Ritual

Campaigns / Scenarios: N/A


Following the scenario there are notes on how to bring the Cthulhu Now! rules published in White Dwarf, Issue 42 in line with the Cthulhu Now rules published by Chaosium.

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