Dark Order of Baphomet

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Name(s) of the Cult: Dark Order of Baphomet

Origin: Scenario "13 Black Candles", by Jeff Woodall

History and Scope

This group is a coven of 13 members who participate in every vice and sin known to man. They worship a being called Baphomet who is actually a fairly stable avatar of Shub-Niggurath. This being appears as the drawing by John Dee. The group also performs ritual sacrifices at each equinox and solstice, and as the members age (generally by their sixties) they seek to renew their lives by using an elaborate mind switch spell on children, trading bodies with the child, and then sacrificing the elderly body with the child's mind trapped inside to Baphomet, to be eaten by the monstrous incarnation of the beast. The group have been active since the dark ages and have preformed this rite many times. Only the cult leader is an original member, as "accidents" and other reasons (often consequences of their own depravity) have caused the early deaths of other members from time to time over the centuries; when this has happened the group seeks out a new member: always some twisted, desperate, evil individual whose depravities matched their own.


  • Leader: worked under the name "Mike Little" in the late 1700s, but would have almost certainly changed his name with each new incarnation
  • Tome: Book of the Dark Order of Baphomet
  • Artefacts: 13 Black Candles (made from human fat and enchanted for a mind-transfer ritual)
  • Altar: Located in a hidden room in the cult's meeting place. This hidden room is decorated in red and black drapes and carpets, and features an altar with various symbols draw on it, a small Baphomet idol, and a tome, Book of the Dark Order of Baphomet.
  • Deity: Baphomet, an avatar of Shub-Niggurath
  • Servitors: Crow People

Keeper Comments

  • The cult might perhaps lure teenaged children out to frolic in the woods at night with the bestial servitors of Baphomet, the avatar of a nightmarish and debased fertility goddess (Shub-Niggurath). Some unspeakable, nameless rite that blasts the kids' sanity would be the key step to open the way for the mind-transfer: unstopped, the teens go into the woods as innocent but curious children, and come back aged and soiled before their time with the corrupt, wizened, cynical, and sophisticated souls of Shub-Niggurath cultists.


  • "I heard Mike Little utter name Baphomet today, a name which I have not heard in many years. He said it in only a whisper and thought no one was around.... I shall keep a closer eye on him. For Baphomet is another name for the Archfiend himself...." "13 Black Candles", by Jeff Woodall