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David Conyers, Call of Cthulhu author & artist.

David Conyers, born Sydney, Australia, May 30th. Writer, illustrator and editor.

An Australian author whose childhood was spent in Oxford in the United Kingdom and the Adelaide Hills. He moved to Melbourne in his late teenage years and attended the University of Melbourne where he completed a degree in Civil Engineering in 1993. Once qualified he worked across Australia on several remote outback construction projects including a foundations project for a casino in Melbourne, a pipeline in the Pilbara, and a mining processing plant in central Western Australia.

In 1995 David travelled to Africa with fellow writer David Witteveen visiting Zimbabwe, Zambia and Kenya. His exposure to African culture and their vastly different standards of living had a profound influence on his writing ever since.

In the mid to late 1990s David transitioned from engineering to marketing communications. He married in 2003 and moved to Adelaide with his wife in 2005.

David’s first published Call of Cthulhu scenario was Devil's Children, Pagan Publishing’s first professionally bound full colour-cover book, co-written with David Witteveen and David Godley, and released in 1993. It was during this period that he wrote and presented Call of Cthulhu supplements at Melbourne gaming conventions with fellow writers Richard Watts, Mark Morrison, Penelope Love and David Witteveen.

David returned to writing in the early 2000s. He had his first gaming article published in The Black Seal in 2003 and his first Chaosium publication “Darkest Calling” in The Stars Are Right! in 2004. His next project for Chaosium was to expand Keith Herber’s original Spawn of Azathoth campaign. He is the author of the scenario “Beyond the Edges” appearing in Secrets of San Francisco. David's next big project for Chaosium was the Secrets of Kenya sourcebook.

As an illustrator for the game David has produced maps and artwork for the supplements Secrets of Kenya, The Stars Are Right!, Spawn of Azathoth, Secrets of New York, Miskatonic University and Secrets of San Francisco.

Apart from The Black Seal, Call of Cthulhu magazines that have featured his work include Book of Dark Wisdom, The Whisperer and Worlds of Cthulhu. He collaborated on several of these articles with the Mythos authors William Jones and Daniel Harms, amongst others.

A speculative fiction author, David also writes tales of the Cthulhu Mythos. His first publication was “Screaming Crawler” in 2003 appearing in the first issue of Dreaming in R’lyeh and his first professional sale was “Vanishing Curves” appearing in the Book of Dark Wisdom in 2004. Other Mythos fiction has appeared in the anthologies Horrors Beyond, Cthulhu Express, Hardboiled Cthulhu and Arkham Tales. Many of David’s fictional creations appear in his gaming supplements and vis versa. In 2004 David joined the staff of the Book of Dark Wisdom as the magazine’s first Associate Editor.

David’s contributions to the Cthulhu Mythos include the Arabian Nights style tome The Masked Messenger, and the ongoing fiction character Major Harrison Peel.

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