Deep Dendo

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Deep Dendo, AKA Faerie Land, Tir Na Nog, etc.

Origin: Arthur Machen, "The White People (fiction)"

In the Mythos

"...some great white place where they lived, where the trees and the grass were all white, and there were white hills as high up as the moon, and a cold wind... the sky... like a wicked voorish dome in Deep Dendo..."
- Arthur Machen, "The White People"

Arthur Machen's Little People appear to live in a strange, subterranean faerie land, "Deep Dendo", a strange, dim, hazy, chilly place of white trees, white grass, pale stones, and rolling grey-white hills and plains, filled with cold and sinister shadows, perhaps located deep underground, yet also bordering on the Other Side and other astral locations such as the Dreamlands, and perhaps also bordering on K'n-yan, Yoth, or other regions of the Hollow Earth.

Deep Dendo is a frightful and unhealthy place for humans to visit; few human travelers have returned from this place sane and unmolested by the "Little People" who dwell there.

Heresies and Controversies

  • This strange and sinister "faerie land" can be considered to be a world carved out of the shadows of the Other Side near a "thin spot" between worlds by the ghastly Faerie people in their exile or exodus from the "real" world, and here, in the darkness, they dwell as shadowy spirits or physical beings crowding the gate and awaiting their appointed time to cross over again to our world to perform horrible rituals and cast terrible spells, kidnap and torment humans that they drag back to the Other Side, and cause other hellish mischief. (fan theory)
  • Much of the mythology about the faerie worlds suggest that they normally exist in a parallel dimension and cross over into our world at times and places of uncertainty, of liminality, when the veil between worlds is thin (cemeteries as places between life and death, dawn and twilight as times that are neither night or day, equinoxes at times where neither day nor night are dominant, frontiers and wildernesses as places that are neither completely unknown nor completely civilized, etc.) A journey into the shadowy faerie lands seems a bit like a journey into through a portal into some nightmarish alien world. (fan theory)

Keeper Notes

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