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Derry, Maine USA

Derry is a fictional town near Bangor, and a part of Stephen King's fictional Maine topography, along with Castle Rock and Jerusalem's Lot.

Description, Geography, History, Landmarks

Derry is a fictional town near Bangor, and has served as the setting for a number of Stephen King novels, novellas, and short stories since 1981 (see list below). The town is situated along Interstate 95, to the south of Dexter, the southwest of Old Town, and the west of Bangor and Haven in the southwestern corner of Penobscot County.

29 Neibolt Street

A run-down, abandoned house near the trainyard; the house has an evil reputation in Derry, where it is regarded as haunted, with residents reporting sightings of numerous terrifying apparitions in the windows, under the porch, or on the grounds of the house, including a malevolent clown, hobo, vampire, ghost, demon, or other terrifying being with leprous, white skin. Bodies were sometimes found on or near the property of the house every few years until they mysteriously stopped in 1985, leading to occasional idle speculation that a serial killer was operating in Derry near the house, though no official investigation is known to have ever been launched to follow that line if inquiry.

The Barrens

The Barrens is a small tract of land still heavily covered in trees and plant life. Derry's landfill is located here, as is a gravel pit and several sewer pump-stations. Local kids have been known to adopt this area as their playground, even building an underground clubhouse there, and one infamous incident in 1958 involves a group of kids trying to build a small dam in the Kenduskeag Stream, which runs through the Barrens, and next, Derry.

The Canal

A section of the Kenduskeag that runs through downtown Derry. The canal goes through a tunnel under the streets for a short way and comes out in Bassey Park.

The Standpipe

The Standpipe was a large watertower in Derry. In its earlier days, it remained unlocked so that patrons of an adjoining park could climb a spiral staircase around the tank to look out over Derry from the top. The Standpipe was closed to the public after several children drowned in the tank under suspicious circumstances, and residents of the area have reported seeing ghostly children in and arround the area until the infamous storm of 1985, when the storm and resulting flood destroyed many buildings and landmarks in Derry, including the Standpipe. A memorial featuring a cast-bronze statue of two children and a plaque underneath, dedicated to the victims of the 1985 flood, but the plaque has since been vandalized with graffiti reading, "PENNYWISE LIVES".

Tracker Brothers Shipping

The Tracker Brothers were two men who owned a trucking depot on Kansas Street in the late 1950s. The brothers also maintained a baseball field behind the depot for children to play on. The depot was destroyed in the same 1985 storm that destroyed the Standpipe.

Derry Civic Center

The Derry Civic Center is a recent structure built after the old civic center was destroyed in the 1985 flood. It was designed by famed architect (and one-time Derry resident) Ben Hanscom. This Civic Center was the site of a bizarre 2004 incident in which a suicidal pilot, recorded on his plane's black box instruments talking to someone he called the "Crimson King", crashed his plane into the Civic Center's parking lot, narrowly missing the Civic Center itself and the assembly gathered inside.

Kitchener Ironworks

The Kitchener Ironworks was an ironworks outside of Derry. In 1906, despite every machine in the works having been shut completely down, the Ironworks inexplicably exploded, killing a group of 88 children and 102 total people who were participating in an Easter egg hunt. Some evidence allegedly suggests that the tragedy was caused by sabotage of the works' equipment, and the bodies a number of child victims were never recovered.

Voigt Field

In a dystopian future, the town of Derry has been largely eliminated by the encroachment of a large airport complex consisting of acres of parking lots, a huge "Northern States Terminal", several runways with the capacity to support large widebody aircraft such as the "Lockheed GA/Superbird", and a large fuel tank farm.

Heresies and Controversies

  • Like any self-respecting Lovecraft Country small town, Derry seems to be a sort of nexus for all manner of strange, supernatural, and inexplicable events, scandals, and tragedies to occur in and around. (the body of Stephen King fiction)
  • Thousands of years before any people settled in what would become Derry, a Great Old One known as "IT" crashed into the land on a ball of fire from out of The void of the Macroverse. It slumbered for thousands of years, until humans eventually settled into the land and established the town of Derry in the early 18th century, when It finally awoke and began a cycle of feeding in which It would capture and devour children, their fear providing It with the nourishment that It needs. After three years of feeding, It would return to sleep for a period of thirty years. As time went on, It gained a degree of control over Derry, influencing the town's residents so that they interfered with It's feedings as little as possible, even being able to manipulate them into helping It, if needed. Although investigations were always made into these murders and kidnappings, Derry's authorities would either fail to turn up any leads, or wrongfully accuse some scapegoat of committing these crimes. Once It returns to It's slumber and the murder and kidnappings stop, the memories of them seemed to gradually fade away. This cycle was ultimately put to a stop when in 1985, when a small group of child investigators calling themselves "the Loser's Club" was apparently able to kill It while it was in a monstrous physical form during the psychic battle known by some scholars as the Second Ritual of Chüd. After this, Derry was seemingly free of It's control, albeit at a great cost, as much of the town was destroyed upon It's demise. (It (1990 film))

Keeper Notes

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