Devant l'autel de la Grande Mère

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Front cover

Translated Title: Before the altar of the Great Mother

Pages: 10

Author: Thomas Berthier

Artist: Vintage photographs

Editor(s): Christian Grussi

Setting: 1930s, Lyon, France

Appears in: Les mystères de Lyon

Campaign: Noces lyonnaises


With Lyon's dark cults weakened or destroyed, the investigators have ridded their patron, Jean Cabrillon, of his enemies and restored to him the lost parts of l'Elucidaire. Accordingly, Cabrillon arranges the marriage of his daughter, Blanche, to a young man named Mathieu Lagnelet. What happens afterward may extend an evil influence over Lyon forever.


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The cults of Yig and the Horned Man have been weakened or destroyed, and Jean Cabrillon has the complete l'Elucidaire in his possession: The investigators have inadvertently freed him to carry out his dark plan. The plot first requires Cabrillon's daughter, Blanche, to marry a young man named Mathieu Lagnelet. After the ceremony, Jean Cabrillon plans to lead the newlyweds to a subterranean shrine to Shub-Niggurath, where Blanche will have no choice but to sacrifice her new groom in a ritual that will summon the goddess and have her restore Jean Cabrillon's vitality. The investigators, guests at the wedding, must first discover their patron's secret agenda, then find the underground temple, and finally disrupt the ritual.


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Tomes and Artifacts:

Campaigns / Scenarios: Noces lyonnaises


Keeper Comments

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If the Mopses are still at large, Blanche Cabrillon is slated to marry Wolfgang Hörner instead of Mathieu Langnelet for the same date. In this case, Hörner has used his sorcery to kill Jean Cabrillon and make it look natural. Blanche goes through with it since she thinks her father would want her to. Then, after the ceremony, Hörner and the Mopses try to do the Union ritual in the underground lake of Fourvière with the Horned Man.

If the Ophites are still around, Blanche Cabrillon marries Gabriel Guivre, who is actually Bernard Guivre with his youth restored. In this case, Cabrillon is still dead as above. The Ophites want to do the Union ceremony to unite Shub-Niggurath and Yig in this case. If the youth ceremony was delayed (if the PCs did the Ophite ceremony last, say), Guivre uses sorcery on the people of town hall to get them to ignore the legal deadline to announce the marriage.

If both the Mopses and the Ophites are still around, Hörner himself marries Blanche Cabrillon. Guivre plots revenge.