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The Dreamplate is a fictional artifact which appeared in the Steve Hatherley scenario Crash Dive.


The Dreamplate is a metallic plate inscribed with an unknown language.


The plate is nine inches in diameter and made of pewter, three holes in the circumference hold removable pewter legs, from which can be suspended a silver needle.

The plate, legs, needle along with notes describing the artifiact and how it may be used are stored in a box of unspecified composition.


When used in conjunction with the Find Dreamer spell the artifact can be used to deduce the location of a Dreamer known to the user in the Waking World.


The history of the plate is unknown prior to its inheritance by James Doyle, who noted that the plate seemed to have been made in the 13th Century, while the legs and needle dated from the early 19th Century. He offered to sell the artifact to a collector named Charles Mulligan, but was killed when the plane he was aboard crashed into a lake.