Dwellers in Shadow

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Front Cover

Publisher: Triad Entertainments

Product Code: 0004

Publishing Year: 1996

Pages: 116

Cover Price: $18.95

Author(s): Mark Elay, J. Todd Kingrea, Kevin A. Ross, Sam Johnson, Michael Szymanski, David Pauwels

Artist(s): John T. Snyder (cover), Rodell Sanford

Setting(s): 1920s, Modern

Format(s): Softcover


A jam-packed anthology of six scenarios, with something to offer every group. Dwellers deals with many lesser-known or new creatures and deities, introducing a lot of mystery into your game.

Scenarios: The Watcher in the Bayou, Configurations of the Flesh, The Dare, Whispers Out Of Mind, Skinwalker, Time and The Serpent

Additional: Introduction, Player Handouts

Front Cover Text

Triad Entertainment presents Dwellers in Shadow. For Call of Cthulhu

An abundant Assortment of Abominations by Elay, Johnson, Kingrea, Pauwels, Ross and Szymanski

Back Cover Text

Their place is where the daylight cannot reach, where festered secrets come to tainted fruition. Presented within these pages are six shuddersome selections designed to pierce the veil of shadow and bring forth, if only for a time, the horrid secrets which are contained within their jealous folds. Take care that when you peek into those shadows you are not drawn into their hypnotic voids to be swallowed whole and resigned to those realms where only shadows dwell.

Here are six diverse and dire scenarios from many of the most well known authors for the Call of Cthulu role playing game. As with all Triad products, a variety of time frames and settings are provided so that the Keeper can always find something to fit his or her campaign, including anything from a one-nighter to an extended case for multi-session play. With an assortment of lesser known and completely unknown creatures combined with extensive handouts, you hold in your hands the opportunity for hours of touring the realms of H. P. Lovecraft. Good luck to all!

An abundant assortment of Abominations by Eley, Johnson, Kingrea, Pauwels, Ross, and Szymanski.

Licensed by Chaosium, Inc. for use with the Call of Cthulhu Role Playing Game
Published By Triad Entertainments

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