End of the World

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Front Cover

Publisher: Triad Entertainments

Product Code: 0005

Publishing Year: 1994

Pages: 80

Cover Price: $##.##

Author(s): J. Todd Kingrea, Kevin A. Ross, Scott David Aniolowski

Artist(s): J. Todd Kingrea, Rodell D. Sanford Jr.

Setting(s): 1920s, Modern

Format(s): Softcover


Scenarios: Breeding Ground, Thunder in the Blood, Think Tank

Additional: Introduction, Player Handouts

Front Cover Text

Three Cases of Climactic Confrontation by Kingrea, Ross and Aniolowski

For Call of Cthulhu Licensed by Chaosium

Back Cover Text


That's right! This could be the end for your band of investigators as they are faced with three climactic confrontations with the ultimate evil that is the Cthulhu Mythos!

Will it come in a small Georgia town where dark things lurk in the heart of the woods and in the heart of one who should be long dead? Will it come in the bloody hell of the Honduran conflict, at the hand of bandits and revolutionaries - or in the cindering corruption that but awaits an ancient call? Or will it come in the cold, abyssal depths of space, on a world infected with an alien virus of such inimical intent that the very fabric of space and time will be threatened? These questions and more will be answered as you delve into the pages of End of the World, a book of campaign-climaxing scenarios for the Call of Cthulhu role playing game.

These scenarios, written by three of the most prolific Cthulhu writers, will challenge any group of experienced players as they are pitted against threats which will require all their talents, skills, and intelligence to survive and emerge victorious.

The adventures contained in this volume are designed to fit into any campaign of the 1920's or the modern day with minor changes. Each comes complete with necessary handouts, and is once again illustrated by Rodell D. Sanford, Jr.

So load up your shotguns, strap on your running shoes, and keep a constant lookout over your shoulder - the End of the World is near!

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