Enter the Gaijin

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Author(s): Simon Yee


Setting: Modern Arkham, Halloween

Appears in: Halloween Horror 2.

Campaign: Secrets of Japan


It is Halloween night and instead of waiting at your door for local kids to do trick or treat the you end up working the holiday on an emergency call. You are summoned to the Arkham Hospital morgue to help in the investigation of the ‘Trick or Treat’ home invasion and bank robbery case. Earlier in the day, three of the gang members were killed after fleeing the scene of a recent bank hold-up at the new Arkham Centurion Bank. Investigators will know that nine homes and two banks have been robbed at gun point this past month by this gang and that four of the families from the nine homes were brutally murdered.


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Investigators are summoned to the Arkham Hospital Morgue to help in the investigation of a masked bandit home invasion, bank robbery, and murder case. Police work and tips from a contact in Japan (Third Eye Agency) will help the investigators track the Japanese-American and Yakuza suspects to a confrontation in their apartment hide-out, and then track a cultist from there to a stand-off in Japan where schoolkid hostages are about to be sacrificed.


Player Handouts:

  • 5 Pre-gen Player-Characters (or NPCs allies)



  • Gangsters,
  • Gangsters possessed by cursed masks,
  • Oni demon

Tomes and Artifacts:


Campaigns / Scenarios: (none)


Trivia: The scenario's title refers to "Gaijin", a Japanese word for "foreigner" (or "barbarian"), and seems to be a play on words referring to the Bruce Lee action film "Enter the Dragon".

Keeper Comments

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Setting: begins in modern Lovecraft Country, USA, and ends up in Japan. With many Japanese characters and tropes, it's unlikely that the second part would take place anywhere but Japan, though the first part could theoretically take place anywhere that might have a small Japanese immigrant population. There are references to characters with AK-47s which would date the game to sometime during or after the Cold War, and the ease of travel to Japan would back this up, though I think it might be possible to reset this in another era with a little work.

Special Notes: Requires "Secrets of Japan", and references to concepts like "Kyoshi" and making a "Zoku Roll" would probably not make any sense without this resource, though I think it shouldn't take much effort to work around this.

Dependence on Halloween: Almost non-existent, beyond bank-robbers wearing masks and robbing banks on Halloween, and thus earning the name "The Halloween Bandits"; these minor details can easily be changed.

Sequel Plot Hooks: Clues pointing to the unexplored involvement of the Beryllium Soldiers gang, Brotherhood of the Black Lotus, Matsuma Fellowship of Japan’s Antiquities, BC Press, Cult of Buddha’s Tears, and Yakuza in this scenario could lead to a series of adventures linked to these organizations and cults.