Eseweald (Scenario)

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Cthulhu Dark Ages 3rd Edition

Pages: 8

Authors: Chad Bowser, Andi Newton, James Holloway, and Mike Mason.

Editors: Mike Mason

Setting: Dark Ages

Appears in: Cthulhu Dark Ages


Totburh lives under the shadow of war. A decades-long peace with the neighboring Cymri hangs in tatters and Norsemen incursions up the Severn have grown bolder. A delegation sent to Cymri has not returned, and it is up to the investigators to discover why.



Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

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 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)
The thegn of Totburh has sent a delegation to the nearby village of Corduon to negotiate a peace treaty. Unfortunately, the delegation hasn't returned. The investigators are tasked by the thegn to find out why. This scenario is non-linear, and after talking to some of the Totburh locals, the investigators travel into the forest that separates the two villages. There they can stumble across an abandoned camp where the delegates met those from Corduon, a hermit, some cultists of Horig (the scenario's monster), a supernatural agent of Horig called the pucel, and Horig's grove itself, where the climax of the scenario takes place and where the lost delegates can be found (or at least what remains of them).


Player Handouts: N/A

Locations: Totburh, Severn Valley, England


  • Wolf
  • Pucel
  • Undead Bear
  • Horig

Tomes and Artifacts: N/A



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