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Fanfic, or Fan-Fiction consitutes items that are generated by non-experts in the field. Without an actual measuring stick of what is or is not Cthulhu Mythos, it is near impossible to determine what falls in or out of Fanfic, and we leave it to the CthulhuWiki community to manage themselves in regards to this.

For example, it might be one's opinion that all August Derleth material be considered fanfic, but that is not the case as it applies to this wiki. Many of the more recent Monographs published by Chaosium could be considered Fanfic if they generated new Great Old Ones, but they will be considered canon. If you wish to post information about a Call of Cthulhu (RPG) character that you played once, he would have categories of both :Category:Characters and Category:Fanfic.

If you make up a concept that you and three others within your own circle know about that the general population does not, and you wish to share it, it could be considered fanfic. Do not take this as an insult. It's simply an additional category.

For example, Squashua created Ahsumhotep, Nyarlathotep's naughty sister and fellow Outer God. She's not a major character of any sort, and in fact, only Squashua has heard of her (until now); he made her up expressly for this example. She would therefore be categorized as both :Category:Outer God and Category:Fanfic.

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