Fate of the Elder Gods

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Fate of the Elder Gods


Publisher: Greater Than Games

Product Code/SKU: ?


Year: Not Yet Released (Announced for May 2017)

Designer(s): Richard Launius, Darrell Louder, Chris Kirkman

Artist(s): Jorge Ramos, Chad Hoverter (miniatures sculptor)

Number of Players: 1 to 4 players

Estimated Playing Time: 60 to 90 minutes

Recommended Ages: ?

Expansions: Fate of the Elder Gods: Beasts from Beyond

Other Editions: None


From the Kickstarter campaign:

In Fate of the Elder Gods, 1-4 players take on the ever-maddening role of cults trying to summon ancient evil and herald the fall of mankind! Each cult is competing to be first to summon their god, but they must also repel intrepid investigators working to seal off the gate to beyond with Elder Signs. Gather arcane artifacts, cast powerful spells, embrace the Dark Gift of your Elder God, and be first to awaken your dread master... before it's too late!

Comments / Trivia

Please note that this page is for an unreleased game. The game has not - or not yet - been published or released (except possibly playtest copies.)

Not to be confused with Shadow of the Elder Gods, an unrelated game.