Fire Vampire

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Fire Vampires are from August Derleth's "The Dweller in Darkness".


These appeared as thousands of tiny points of light. The myriad points of light were living entities of flame! [Where] they touched, fire sprang up.
August Derleth's "The Dweller in Darkness"

Fire Vampires are creatures of living fire, gas, and plasma, which serve as minions to the fire-gods Cthugha and Fthaggua; these creatures can set objects alight on contact, including human victims, which the Fire Vampires drain of essence in the process, the results of such contact often being attributed to the phenomenon of Spontaneous Human Combustion, and sightings of the entities themselves dismissed as "Swamp Gas", "St. Elmo's Fire", "Will'o'Wisps", and the phenomenon of "Ball Lightning".

Associated Mythos Elements