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Strange Aeons

Pages: 16

Authors: Lucya Szachnowski, Gary O'Connell

Interior illustrations: Adam Cogan

Maps: Dr. Michael C. LaBossiere and Lillian Butler

Setting: 1597, Spain

Appears in: Strange Aeons


The Investigators ("Inquisitors") travel to a remote village. They are tasked by the King of Spain to investigate a claim of virgin birth.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


The shan (Insects from Shaggai) are controlling a coven of witches in the village. They have implanted an egg inside a young girl.


Player Handouts: Edict of Faith, Vidal's Dream, Alonzo's Dream, Bad Dreams

Locations: Spain

Creatures: Shan

Tomes and Artifacts:

Campaigns / Scenarios:


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