Garder's Lectures

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Title: Garder's Lectures, AKA "Astarral Vibrations Compared with Matero-involuted Vibrations Below the Six-Billion Limit" and "Experiments with a Medium"

Origin: William Hope Hodgson's Carnacki: the Ghost-Finder stories


Lectures that suggested the construction of the Electric Pentacle to Thomas Carnacki.

Garder's Lectures

  • author: Professor (?) Garder
  • Language: English (?)
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General Content includes the two lectures:

  • "Astarral Vibrations Compared with Matero-involuted Vibrations Below the Six-Billion Limit"
  • "Experiments with a Medium"

A Gaslight-era (1880s?) parapsychological and "pseudoscientific" tome the use of electricity in occult experiments, and the ability of electrical currents to interfere with a medium's psychic abilities; the work builds on the concepts introduced n Harzan's Monograph on the essentially electromagnetic nature or quality of some supernatural phenomena. These lectures seem to have inspired Thomas Carnacki to invent the Electrical Pentagram as a defensive device, and to write an addendum to Harzan's Monograph regarding the importance of maintaining a "balance" between "Astarral" electrical "vibrations" in psychic defenses.

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"I came across Professor Garder's 'Experiments with a Medium.' When they surrounded the Medium with a current, in vacuum, he lost his power—almost as if it cut him off from the Immaterial. That made me think a lot; and that is how I came to make the Electric Pentacle, which is a most marvelous 'Defense' against certain manifestations. I used the shape of the defensive star for this protection, because I have, personally, no doubt at all but that there is some extraordinary virtue in the old magic figure. Curious thing for a Twentieth Century man to admit, is it not? But, then, as you all know, I never did, and never will, allow myself to be blinded by the little cheap laughter. I ask questions, and keep my eyes open."
William Hope Hodgson, "The Gateway of the Monster"

"I made haste to get the 'Defense' complete... and began to fit the Electric Pentacle right around us, so that the five points of the Defensive Star came just within the Hair Circle. This did not take me long, and a minute later I had connected up the batteries, and the weak blue glare of the intertwining vacuum tubes shone all around us. I felt happier then; for this Pentacle is, as you all know, a wonderful 'Defense.' I have told you before, how the idea came to me, after reading Professor Garder's 'Experiments with a Medium.' He found that a current, of a certain number of vibrations, in vacuo, 'insulated' the medium. It is difficult to suggest an explanation non-technically, and if you are really interested you should read Garder's lecture on 'Astral Vibrations Compared with Matero-involuted Vibrations below the Six-Billion Limit."
William Hope Hodgson, "The House Among the Laurels"


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